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    Starting and Funding a Small Business Has Never Been Easier

    The Startup Portal is a simple and complete platform for starting your very own small business. Developed by entrepreneurs and consultants, it contains the tools and resources needed to evolve your idea from a dream to a full-fledged business. Whether you are brainstorming ideas, ready to register your business, beginning to write a business plan or looking for funding; access step-by-step guidance to help you to achieve the next step towards launching your small business.

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    You may have an idea about how to start your business, but we have the tools to set you up for success. Identify your business' needs and access personalized resources.

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    Get an idea, register your business and launch! Simple right? Not so much. Make sure you've got it all covered with step-by-step guidance spanning ALL stages from start to launch.

    The Startup Portal

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    2109940Self-Employed Australians
    1782Australian Funding Programs
    56000000Potential Funding $ Available

    What Our Clients Say

    Hear what our clients are saying about using the Startup Portal to help them achieve their small business goals.

    startup gets funding
    $17,300 Government Loan To Help Business Startup
    Sydney, NSW
    "Funding is available but you have to know where to look, you have to have a business plan and if you have a proven model this is your best tool to use to get you the funding." - Read my story
    construction company gets funding
    $92,300 in Government Funding for Construction Company
    Wollongong, NSW
    "Well all I can say is if you need funding, look for it. Be active and proactive about it. Don't just sit on the idea that you need it but go and do it." - Read my story
    Daycare gets funding
    $24,500 Government Funding For Daycare Facility
    Melbourne, VIC
    "Having knowledge in your industry is what will keep you motivated, and having expert guidance along the way doesn't hurt one bit. We benefited from government funding greatly and it's all thanks to" - Read my story
    junk removal company
    $76,750 Government Funding For Junk Removal Company
    Brisbane, QLD
    "Your business plan is very important to the success of your business. Everyone looks at this! Be sure to have your idea on paper and to show how you will make money." - Read my story
    Tech Company From Perth Queensland Gets Government Grant
    Interview with a $75,485 Government Grant Recipient
    Sydney, NSW
    "Perfect your business plan as it's in my option the number one thing small businesses need in order to attract and impress a funding agency." - Read my story
    cleaning company monitoring technology
    $17,500 Small Business Loan for Sydney Startup
    Sydney, NSW
    "If you have a business idea, get a business plan made, don't waste time and start your funding search sooner rather then later." - Read my story
    Earth Friendly Soap Business Story
    Albury, NSW Small Business Starts Up With $76,300 Government Grant
    Albury, NSW
    "Just focus on what you are good at, don't waste your time researching, get help from experts who have already done the work, such as australiaStartups" - Read my story


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